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Ever seen a sex symbol with a lousy smile or a toothless grin? Ever been turned on by a smile from across the room? Ever been turned off by a great face with a garbage mouth? Wonder why? Well, wonder no more. I'll tell you why. Because your smile says it all. It makes a statement about your personal hygiene and grooming. A far bolder statement than that new hairdo or those Gucci loafers. A healthy mouth doesn't need Scope or Lavoris any more than mountain air needs Lysol. It tells those around you hell of a lot more about your values than does your financial statement.

The mouth enjoys a special and unique status in human anatomy. It's your primary contact for the expression of love and affection, your organ of speech, a mechanical wonder, a barometer of emotions and a framework for the single-most effective form of communication since the beginning of time ---- your smile.

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