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My personal page: http://www.le.com/~hle/

I started my "tour of duty" around the middle of September 1997. I am the person you should contact if there are any problems with the mailing list (cannot subscribe, cannot unsubscribe, not getting mails, approval taking too long ...). My email address is hle@pacbell.net. Usually, I checked my email at the end of the day (US, Pacfic time zone) so you should hear back from me then. During week-day, for really really really urgent matter (like you are getting loop back mail, or some idiot has subscribed vn-singles to another mailing list), send email to hle@comergent.com.

The mailing list pretty much runs by itself so I don't intend to make any changes there. I am slowly working on the web pages and I really would like to hear your feeback.

For comments, questions and other requests, please send email to the current list maintainer,
Hung Le ( hle@pacbell.net).