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vn-singles Mailing List Admin Wanted

Monday, September 21, 1998 5:56:30 PM -

I am looking for an individual to take over the admin role for the vn-singles mailing list.

[Upsides] [Downsides] [Skills Set] [When]


What's in it for me? I am glad you ask ;-) ...

  • A perfect opportunity to learn the day-to-day operation of a mailing list. The list is operated via "majordomo", a well-known list manager program. Being able to put "having working knowledge of majordomo" on your resume is very helpful.
  • Pretty much a free reign on how http://www.saigon.com/~singles should looks like. Here is your chance to experiment with web page design and have your work viewed by a large audience.
  • As part of the an admin's day-to-day tasks, you will have the opportunity to correspond with other vn-singles list members. Great way to make new friends.


What am I getting into? Hah ... hah ... You think I would tell you ;-)?

  • The most unpleasant task is to have to put out occasional "flame war" among members. How you do it depends on your style. Some rule with iron fist while others prefer the "that too shall pass" approach.
  • For the day-to-day tasks, you will like to have to spend between 15 to 30 minutes to:
    • Unsubscribe email address that is no longer valid (No such user, mailbox over quota ...)
    • Check out the guest book and if appropriate answer messages left in the guest book.
    • Update the member link page.
    • Answer member emails.
    • Update information in the FAQ.
  • Other long-term projects that would be nice to implement:
    • Automate the weekly list statistic.
    • Add an online survey to replace the discontinued version that was sent out to all new member.
    • Replace the current guest book program.
    • Automate a process to archive selected postings.

Skills Set:

I prefer candidates who have the skills listed below. However, I will consider all inquiries. If you are interested, please send an email to hle@pacbell.net. In your email, please answer the following questions the best you can:
  • Do you any working experience with "majordomo"? If yes, tell me a bit more about the list you have managed. If no, can you locate a copy on the net and tell me what is the current version?
  • Your current computer environment: UNIX? Mac? PC? Do you own a scanner?
  • What is FTP? HTTP?
  • If you have written HTML, please send me a sample. If not, can you find out what does HTML stand for?
  • Do you know PERL? shell script? C?
I hope I have not scare anyone with all those questions. It is OK to send me an email that says: "I know next to nothing about any of the above, but I have always wanted to learn about them." If you have the right attitude and commitment, I will train.


The admin position is open until filled.