Statement of Purpose

Viet-Gallery will pursue without compromise the following objectives:
  1. Information
  2. Education
  3. Community Services, and
  4. Cultural Highlights

In the process, it hopes to serve as part of a cultural and social knowledge base that serves the general public as well as highlights and promotes pride in VietNamese heritage. It will do so with complete adherence to fairness in presentation. How this is to be accomplished remains a most difficult task and will not succeed without constructive feedback, comment and criticism from everyone.

For Viet-Gallery to live up to its meaning and potential, it can not afford to exist as the product of a few individuals but must manifest itself as the product of the collective VietNamese experience.

In this context, Viet-Gallery urges material contribution and an investment of time and effort from everyone toward its administration and enhancement.

Viet-Gallery arose from several experiences that gave rise to the conviction that there must be a meaningful way to project our ethnic pride, serve the community, and deal with issues and concerns of the up and coming generations. These experiences include a working relationship with VN-CDROM, whose purpose is consistent and almost identical to that of Viet-Gallery. If you share in and view with importance the stated purposes there and here, you are cordially invited to participate in the creation and evolution of Viet-Gallery.

Best Wishes.

Notice of Rights and Criteria for Exclusion

To prevent Viet-Gallery from being degraded by misuse, the administrator group of Viet-Gallery reserves the rights to refuse any contribution, deemed to propagate hatred, division, or stereotypes. Its ultimate hope is to contribute to the promotion of ethnic pride and the projection of a real and humanized portrait of VietNamese. In the end, Viet-Gallery seeks to sow the seed for ethnic coherence, better racial relations and greater human understanding.

Statement of Needs

Listed below are needs to be filled per project. If you'd like to offer assistance in any of the listed project, or have suggestion on addition of categories, please contact the administrator group. Any and all help is appreciated.

Refugee & Missing Relatives

  1. Sort the listing
  2. Simple C program to allow user to search for first name, last name, or relationship with missing relatives
  3. CGI to allow entries to be located by name
Please note that the last 2 items requires much revamping of the listing into searchable and indexable format. It can be done, but only with a significantly large group, with you one among its many.

Visit to Cities in VietNam

What is needed is your knowledge and impression about the towns and cities that you have seen, known about, or lived in. If you can help in educating the general public and younger generations of VietNamese about these places, please lend Viet-Gallery your assistance and knowledge.

Monuments in VietNam

If you can offer a brief education on the historical and cultural significance of these monuments or any other that you may know of, please consider recording them down and offer them to the general public.

Landmarks of VietNam

People & Life

Viet-Nam War: Thoughts and Pictures

This will be by far the most controversial and divisive section. Viet-Gallery welcomes all viewpoints about the war, provided they are devoid of hatred. The purpose of this section is to educate the general public about the VietNam war, and to humanize the suffering endured by the people in it.

Communist Rule and Experience

This will be by far the most educational, although somewhat single-sided presentation about life in VietNam under communist rule. Not because any misrepresentation is intended, but simply because the evils of communism in practice is seen most clearly from the eyes of those most affected by it. This section educates the general public about its nature and serves as a counter-influence against communist indoctrination.

Refugee Experience

A most painful section on the legacy of suffering endure by the people of VietNam, it seeks to educate the general public about the deaths of relatives, rapes of women refugees, and the eventual and difficult adjustment faced by generations in building their new lives.

VietNamese-American Thoughts

Express your ambivalence and concerns. Establish a connection and leave behind a record of you for other generations. Bridge the dangerous cultural & communication gaps among different generations.

Assert your identity through your aspirations, thoughts, dreams and ideals. This is where we -- old and young -- listen to one another.

Asian-American Thoughts

Looking Forward


There's a plan to write a series of petitions on behalf of Southeast Asian refugees and for social reforms in Viet-Nam. If you are interested in helping, please contact

Acknowledgement and Contributors

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Material Contribution

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In necessity, unity; in doubt, liberty; in all, charity

Credits & Material Contribution by Category

Travel to VietNam

VietNam War in Documents

Refugee & Missing Relatives


Administrator Group

System Provision & Maintenance:

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