Viet-Nam Health, Education, and Literature Project

VNHELP was founded in 7/91 by a group of Vietnamese Americans.  It is a 
non-profit and non-governmental organization providing direct people-to-
people humanitarian aid in the fields of Health, Education, and Liter-
ature.  In the past three years VNHELP has achieved significant results 
from projects that help the needy people in VN.
  1) VNHELP emphasizes in self-help programs which are operated by 
  trustworthy Vietnamese people in VN with financial support and sug-
  gestions from VNHELP staff in the US.
  2) Each project must have one project coordinator in the US and one 
  contact in VN.  There are very broad and reliable network of VNHELP 
  staff in the US and their counterparts in VN.
  3) Each project must have complete written plan, proposal report, and
  follow-up plan.  Long-term projects are preferred in order to have 
  more profound impacts in the life of many people.
  4) VNHELP Board of Director and Project Coordinators are Vietnamese 
  Americans.  Every year, VNHELP sends staff to visit recipient organ-
  izations to evaluate project progress.
  5) Donations from supporters are used solely for VNHELP projects.  
  Operation cost has been minimized to 10% - 15%.
  6) On-going long term projects in the past three years include:
     - Nguyen Truong To Scholarship Program for university students
       (scholarships have been granted in Sai Gon, Ha Noi, Hue, Can Tho)
     - Educational Radio Programs (Sai Gon)
     - Can Tho School for the Handicapped (Can Tho)
     - Tinh-Thuong Class for Homeless Children (Ha Noi)
     - Highschool for the Talented Students (Ha Tinh)
     - Can Tho Association of Physicians and Pharmacists (Can Tho)
     - Song Be Hospital (Song Be)
     - US Volunteer Program (Sai Gon, Hue, Ha Noi)
     - Street Children Program and Services (Sai Gon)
  7) Short term projects include:
     - Center for Cultural and Physcical Development of School Children (Hue)
     - Childcare Centers and Orphanages (Sai Gon, Ha Noi)
     - Child Psychology Research Center (Ha Noi)
  8) For more information about VNHELP Projects, please contact
      P.O.Box 2882
      Castro Valley, CA 94546
      (510) 426-7094