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Four New ISPs Established In Vietnam

Vietnam News Agency Launches Website

Four ISPs Begin
Operations In Vietnam
 New York Times, December 13, 1997

Starting this month, four Vietnamese companies - Vietnam Data Transmission, Saigon Postel, Finance Promoting and Technology Company and the Information Technology Institute - will provide Internet access, although the government says citizens can visit only "culturally acceptable" sites.

Vietnam - the world's 12th largest nation with 78 million residents - has a relatively highly educated population and is eager to keep pace with new technology. But the government worries about the efforts of Vietnamese expatriates to use Web sites to foment unrest.

According to the Vietnamese Business Journal, the potential early market is no bigger than 10,000 subscribers, mostly business people. Scholars are also reportedly interested in the Internet.

Vietnam News Agency
Launches Web Site
 Reuter, Saturday - September 06, 1997

HANOI, Sep 06 (Reuter) - The official Vietnam News Agency Friday launched a website on the country's intranet system that will carry news in three languages and news photos.

VNA said the introduction of VNANET, which will be updated several times a day and store information for up to 30 days, brings a new dimension to its current separate wire services.

Vietnam's version of the Internet is an intranet service accessible through the telephone system on Internet protocol.

The service will charge users for individual items retrieved or on a monthly subscription basis.

VNA Director General Ho Tien Nghi said at a launch ceremony that VNANET would be accessible on the World Wide Web once the international Internet becomes fully accessible in Vietnam.

The authorities, concerned about the spread of negative influences from outside on its population, have delayed full access to the Internet and the address for the site was not announced.


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