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Updated: 04/16/96

This is a semi-regular announcement of special interest group mailing lists for the VNese community.

Back when we had Vietnet, and now with SCV, there was always the problem of there being too many messages and people feeling lost or frustrated at not being able to discuss things they are interested in. A number of special interest groups (SIGs) were created to meet these needs. I will give a short description of each lists and then the instruction on how to join it.

These mailing lists are based at Viet.Net, a machine in Sunnyvale (near San Jose, California). Viet.Net is the first and original archive site for Vietnet. It is also the first Vietnet BBS in the world (started in 1984).

You can also dialin to Viet.Net directly by modem. The dialup phone number is 408-XXX-XXXX (300 to 28800 baud, V32bis/V.Fast). Login as bbs.

The names of the lists and their email addresses are:

This is the SCV Relay gateway. It allows those who can not access Usenet News to receive SCV through email. To subscribe to it, send a message to
scv-request@vietgate.net with the subject of SIGN-ON.
This is the gateway between alt.politics.vietnamese and email. For those of you who do not have access to the alt newsgroup, you can subscribe to this list. To subscribe to it, send a message to apv-request@vietgate.net with the subject of SIGN-ON.

The following lists uses a different subscription format. Please read the instructions carefully.

This is a Vietnam Discussion Forum. It is for discussing all things relating to Vietnam, and is moderated. No flaming is allow. Send email to vnforum-request@vietgate.net to subscribe.
This is for technical discussions on such areas as software programming, hardware designs, technical supports (hw/sw). Oriented toward the Vietnamese engineers. Discussions are in both English and Vietnamese.
This is A(n Tu.c No'i Phe't. A mailing list for people to talk about whatever "No'i Phe't". Let me warn you that the conversation can get rather racy, risque' at times. Join it at your own discretion. The only restriction I place on the list is no flame wars, no name callings, and so on.
This is a list for the VNese singles, professionals or students. Although there are a number of married people in it. The focus is on issues relating to the VNese singles life. It is small and well focused on these kind of topics. Again, no flames, no political nor religious discussions are allowed.


To subscribe to any of the vn-* lists, send a message to majordomo@vietgate.net with the following in the body of the message:

subscribe vn-atnp Your_Full_Name_here


To subscribe to vn-singles.

$ mail majordomo@vietgate.net
Subject: subscribe
subscribe vn-singles your@email.address
EOF (this is usually by typing Control-D)

NOTE: You may also send mail to the list, suffix with -request. For example, send mail to vn-singles-request@vietgate.net instead of sending your request to majordomo@vietgate.net.

Tin Le

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