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NOTE: Since this is run by volunteers, sometime we are unable to respond immediately. Please be patient, we will reply as soon as we are able to.

4/8/95 At this time, we will only accept applications from non-profit organizations. We no longer have the resources to handle anyone else. For a low cost home page on WWW.VIET.NET, please see the URL

Or send email to

Viet.Net is a public service sponsored by Viet.Net is intended to make Internet services and access available to the general public at low, affordable cost. Services are provided at very low fee to registered non-profit organizations. Viet.Net is users supported. At this time, it is entirely funded by Tin Le. We hope to eventually make it self-supporting.

One of the services we provide is an online World Wide Web page for the Vietnamese community. A portion of the server is set aside exclusively for non-profit organizations.

Here are the steps you need to do:

1. You need to complete the short information form (included at the end of this FAQ). Send it back to us,

2. Since Viet.Net a volunteer only organization, we are always short handed and lack the resources to write a home page for you. Please supply your own pre-written home page, and we will install it online for you. If you wish to volunteer time to help with managing this area, please let us know.

3. You _must_ supply the required html, gif files and so on for your home page. You can either upload your files through anonymous ftp to (and notify us of the new files), or you can complete the validation form for an ftp only account. The ftp account will allow you to maintain your Web Home page without requiring help from us.

4. We reserve all rights to reject materials that are deemed to be offensive, illegal or violate US laws. Please! Do _NOT_ abuse the privileges you are given.

5. You agree to accept all responsibilities for the materials in your home page. It is up to you to make sure you are not violating US laws and regulations.

Web Page Application Form

Full Name : ___________________________________________________

Email Address : _______________________________________________

School or Company : ___________________________________________

City, State living in : _______________________________________

* What is your level of experience with WWW? If you need help (or do not know how to start) writing your Web page, please look at the following URLs for some tutorials on how to write one:

* Would you like to help with improving Saigon.COM Web Pages?

Such as:

1. Providing pictures (GIFs, JPEGs, movie clips, photographs) of Viet Nam, or Vietnamese activities around the world.

2. Translating the current pages on Saigon.COM from English to Vietnamese.

3. Write new HTML pages on Vietnamese community events, cultures and arts.

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