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          Viet nam 411: Vietnam information, advertising...
Summer Concert - San Jose Arena - California
VNHelp Concert '97 - Mua Thu Cho Em
Viet-Gate: A Gate Way to the On-Line VN Community.
Vietnamese Professional Society.
SaigonLink: Providing Internet news and services to the Vietnamese community.
VNHELP: VietNam Health, Education, and Literature Projects.
Vietnam Pictures Collection.
The Viêt File, an annotated Viêt Nam information page.
Gia Dinh Phat Tu Hue Quang, HueQuang's Vietnamese buddhist Youth.
Vietnamese Entertainment Network.
The Vietnamese Pictures Archive. Scenery, arts, music, history, monuments, travel, ...
Vietnam Adventures.
Vietnam War Photographic Portfolio - Kenneth Hoffman
The Wars for Viet Nam - A Vassar College Site
VIETNAMERICA: The War Comes Home - Thomas A. Bass
Vietnamese Beauties. Singers, actors, actress, models, ...
Vietnamese Cultural Society of Metropolitan Washington (VCSMW).
Other Vietnam sites around the world.
More Vietnam links. This is a very extensive listing.
Little Saigon Net.
Viet Nam Tu Do (Freedom for Vietnam).
Dan Tien Magazine.
Nguoi Viet Daily News.
The Ky 21 Magazine.
Vietnam Democracy Newsletter.
Vietnam Insight Online.
News Resource: a complete directory of local daily news worldwide.

VIET Magazine is a Vietnamese-language publication,

written by Vietnamese for Vietnamese.


The magazine covers a wide range of informative and exciting topics from the economy, big and small businesses, to arts and science, customs and lifestyles, movie and restaurant reviews, and health matters. The magazine examines events and topics that can profoundly affect the overseas Vietnamese communities, and provides readers with a new perspective and understanding. Making the magazine entertaining as well as informative are goals shared by all of us at the VIET Magazine. We believe that our readers would appreciate the tireless efforts of our staff in creating a beautiful and polished publication comparable to main stream magazines.


VIET Magazine Staff.


VIET Magazine is a semi-monthly publication of Integrated Ad, Inc. Copyright © 1995. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without a written permission from Integrated Ad, Inc.


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